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Three in family escape house fire unharmed
Tarikh : 07 Aug 2017  Sumber Berita: The Borneopost Online

A fireman makes sure the fire is completely put out.

BAU: A woman and her two grandchildren managed to escape a morning blaze in Kampung Opar, which destroyed about 70 per cent of their home, yesterday.

In the 9.50am incident, personnel from Bau Fire and Rescue Department were mobilised to the scene and managed to control the blaze at 10.15am.

The firemen led by Ebby Herwandy Sarbini said the fire did not spread to nearby houses because of the quick actions of the villagers. They managed to control the fire by using garden hoses and buckets to douse the flame prior to their arrival.

No injuries or loss of lives were reported in the incident.