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28 Jul 2016Tasik Biru 4X4 Carnival may go ‘international’ next year

Henry (third from right) handing over the prizes to a participant of the Tasik Biru 4X4 Carnival. Sim is on the right) and Laurence (left).
An off-road vehicle in the thick of action.
A dramatic display of the brute strength of an off-road vehicle during the Tasik Biru 4X4 Carnival last weekend.

KUCHING: Tasik Biru 4X4 Carnival 2017 may not only be organised on a bigger scale but with an international participation, too.

Delighted with the outcome of this year’s edition, which was held from July 22-24 with 26 off-road 4×4 vehicles in action, its organisers hoped to invite the big boys from abroad next year.

Organising committee member Laurence Baraw opined that inviting international participants would give the carnival greater prominence.

“But to attract them (international participation) we must have proper facilities,” he told The Borneo Post.

Laurence noted that off-road 4×4 activities had a strong following in Sarawak and Sabah; hence it was high time for Tasik

Biru 4X4 Carnival to go international....

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